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Tuesday 11 September 2012

Birthday celebrations

Me and my Dad, 1960
A day to remember

András Petö

As well as remembering AP today, along with many other people out there in the conductive world but especially in Budapest –

I am also thinking about my Dad who also celebrates his birthday today.

'My Dad the railwayman'
I hope that you are enjoying your day and have lots of visitors bearing huge bunches of flowers. 

I know that Sis has put a ban on digging the vegetable garden on this your 86th birthday. I also know that you will spend some time with her and her family, but I bet you will be out there again on Wednesday digging to your heart’s content.

'Dad, in his favourite place'

Happy Birthday!

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Andrew said...

Boldog születésnapot mindenkinek:

They don't write and sing'em like that any more.
Not in English, anyway. At least, not since the Brotherhood of Man...