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Monday 7 May 2012

The falcon and the tiercel in Norwich!


Feeding time at Norwich Cathedral spire

A magnified peregrine (female, I think)

Thank you, to the Hawk and Owl Trust, for setting up this wonderful website page  and webcam that gives us all this marvellous opportunity to view peregrines in close-up and to learn so much about them:

I am really enjoying linking up with my sister, who lives just out of camera shot, from my home here in Germany, to discuss the latest goings-on up the Cathedral spire and also with the hope that I will soon spot my brother-in-law walking the dogs far below! 

I have a collared dove nesting just beside my balcony and I thought that was exciting enough, but now seeing peregrines at eye-level is even better, a real treat. I have got my magnifying glass beside the screen so that I can get an even better view, especially at feeding times!

This morning I was up early enough to catch the tiercel (dad-bird) flying in with breakfast and observe all three babies having a good tuck in. I was glad that I had porridge and did not have to join them with a slice of mouse!

Since I got home from work at five-ish I have done nothing else but watch this video-link and discuss with my Dad the lives of peregrines on Skype. 

My Dad has been spotting peregrines in his garden now for several months and he is convinced that the peregrine that sits in the old cherry tree is the reason for a sharp decline in the number of small native birds that visit his garden these days.

Once again thanks for the video-link and to all the experts on the forum, for bringing me this lovely time close to nature and my family.


Susie Mallett said...

Collared Dove Avenue!

As I was publishing the posting above I noticed out of the window that a second pair of collared doves had just turned up and were mating in the tree right beside last year’s nest.

So it could be that I will soon have my own viewing platform on the balcony, with not just one nest but two.

The first nest already has a chick in it, but it is too far away to see. The egg-shell is on the ground and the parent birds are busy sitting.

Andrew said...

Türkentaube Allee

Sounds like the sort of place where one mighty be unlucky and meet Mack the Knife.

Susie Mallett said...

That unlucky bird that the peregrine family just had for their tea probably thought he had!

Andrew said...

And let us hope that some local Zerstörer Vogel doesn't spot the cafeteria being assembled outside just your window...