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Thursday 18 September 2008

Something to ponder over

Rastafarian, by Susie Mallett 1981

Do we need conductors to carry out conductive upbringing?

If I say you don’t need a conductor to carry out conductive upbringing then I would soon be out of a job, I also don’t think it is true, but what I can say is you don’t always need a conductor to carry out conductive upbringing.

This is how I work when I work with people in their homes, it is my aim that conductive upbringing can take place without a conductor. Surely this is the aim of all conductors, to motivate activity in not just the child but the whole family so conductive upbringing continues when conductors are not present.

I think what you do need are conductors to bring about an understanding of conductive pedagogy and when an understanding has been reached then it may be possible for conductive upbringing to take place without the conductor.
This harks back to the correspondence of a week or so back beginning with Szogeczki Laci’s posting, about conductors finding a voice.

Conductors need to find their voice to educate, to change the way of thinking, to influence and activate all of the people dealing in all aspects of a child’s life and then, maybe then, can conductive upbringing take place without a conductor.

And what about the “bloody” furniture?
I can practise conductive upbringing without a single piece of furniture. I can take a child on the bus, to the shops, out in the garden or into the swimming pool without taking along a plinth or a ladderback chair! If they are there and help then I use them but if not I find alternatives, that’s what being a creative conductor is all about, isn’t it?

I still believe the less of it the better especially when I work at home with the child.
By observing us at work parents can learn how to use what is there on hand and learn how to adapt what is in the home and then see what they may need to provide at a later date.
I believe that the less furniture there is the more creative the conductor, the more creative the client and the more creative the parents.
And with less furniture the more normal is the environment in which they all live.


Szogeczki Laci
Voice of conductors, 6th September 2008

And what about the “bloody” furniture?
This refers to a comment from Norman Perrin on "No need for a spectacle" 14th september 2008

Norman Perrin

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