Sunday, 2 November 2014

Edward Taub and the Dalai Lama

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 A Sunday Morning read

I arrived at the above article having first read the one below that I got from the blog Dean’s Stroke Musings –

On Dean’s Stroke Musings I also read about Dean’s own Rocky Horror Picture Show stroke rehab which reminded me of a Tina Turner concert with Laddo. We were up in the gods and Laddo insisted on standing up with the rest of the crowd. It was in the Köln Arena which is incredibly steep. I had images of us both toppling down and down and down on to the stage, but I hung on to his belt and the back of my chair and just hoped that we would both remain vertical and balanced!


Dean’s Stroke Musings


Andrew said...

I have found the online live recording of the occasion in Birmingham, Alabama.:

What an amazing occasion, nearly three hours of it. Thank you Susie for passing it on.

And what an extraordinary meeting of styles of presentation. Unfortunately His Holiness did not use PowerPoint as did the other two presenters, and I could not always catch what he was saying.

To make a real judgement of my own on what HH brings to this feast I should really appreciate seeing a written transcript of what he said. Is anyone up to tracking one down?

I guess though that Dean will spot and report when it appears, and that you will pass it on when he does.

Sophie Lewis said...

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