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Sunday 15 June 2014

Dergin Tokmak –

Having fun at something new - Nordic walking on a bike!

A German dancer with Cirque du Soleil

When Nick Maley the Yoda Man was with us in Nürnberg he spoke to us about having ambitions and having high expectations of ourselves. He talked about following our dreams, trying something new every day and trying to be as creative as possible. He was a very motivating influence on us all and I still think about his visit almost daily.

I was reminded of Nick Maley’s words when I watched this video of a young man whose ambition was always to become a dancer. He certainly had high expectations of himself and he certainly worked very hard to follow his dream –

What motivation he has, how creative he is and what an example he is to us all in how to overcome those hurdles that fall in our paths through life in order to follow our passions.

You can read more about Dergin Tokmak here

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