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Monday 9 December 2013

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Christmas Rose
Tips for everyday life

We are in the middle of a three-week-long stroke course. It is my favourite work at the moment and my favourite time is when we conductors take a step back and encourage the clients to start to talk to each.

During these talks the clients give each other advice and share tips and information that will help fellow group-members to live their conductive, rehabilitative lifestyle.

Sometimes we conductors take a step forward again and pass on tips that we have come across.

One that I passed on last week was a trick for separating egg yolks from the white with one hand. With Christmas biscuit-baking in full flow all over Germany this is a useful skill to learn, and not only for the stroke clients who enjoy baking. Évi, who is also a trained cook, loved it and passed it on to the schoolchildren and adults in the cookery group, who were all really impressed. 

Tip Number I

Separating an egg

All you need is a small plastic bottle.

Break the egg into a small bowl.

Squeeze the bottle, hold the opening close over the yolk, but not pressing on it so as not to break the membrane, and then release the bottle.

As the bottle fills with air the egg yolk pops into the bottle.

Squeeze the yolk out of the bottle into a separate bowl.

Tip Number II

Cutting nails

I thought about this tip as I was reading the website dean’s stroke musings on 13th November –

In this posting the writer is wondering about how to cut the fingernails on his effected hand when his fingers usually curl up just as the cutting is about to take place. I wondered whether it would help to do this with a soft ball in the effected hand.

We will try this out tomorrow and I will post photographs later.

Has anyone out there got any other ideas on nail cutting, or have you any other useful tips for our clients?

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