Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Cycling for people who need adapted bikes

That's me in my lovely new cycling jacket in the gorgeous autumn sunshine

I was recently talking to parents of a now adult child discussing means of enjoying cycling together as a family instead of always walking or jogging alongside their daughter’s very large, adapted three-wheeler bike. 

Here are some of things that I have since discovered

This was my first, and perhaps best, find – http://www.pinedamovilidad.com/

It is such a simple and practical idea. No extra bicycle is needed, although I think this kit comes with the bike. Unfortunately it is only available in Spain.

Here is another version – http://frankmobility.com/duet.php

That second one is not quite as versatile as the first but still a nice tandem bike.

Here is something completely different for people who need just a little bit of help to keep on the right track –

and something else for groups who wish to keep close together –

There is a lot more available for little people and bigger people –

And if I had any grandchildren this is the one I would buy –

Happy cycling!